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I have added a bunch of high quality images of Jessica attending the Los Angeles premiere of “In Secret” to the gallery with special thanks to Jen for some of them!

Gallery Link:
Appearances and Events > 2014 > “In Secret” – Los Angeles Premiere

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I have added two images from The Hollywood Reporter shoot that Jessica took part in to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Photoshoots and Portraits > Session 008

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Visionary stage and screen director Julie Taymor brings one of William Shakespeare’s bloodiest and most vicious tragedies to the silver screen byway of her 1999 feature film adaptation of TITUS ANDRONICUS, titled TITUS, starring Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange, now available in a special limited edition Blu-ray.

The official description of the new Blu-ray edition of TITUS is as follows: “Julie Taymor’s stunningly cinematic adaptation of William Shakespeare’s first tragedy, Titus (1999), stars Anthony Hopkins as a noble but misguided Roman general who finds himself ensnared in an unwinnable war of vengeance with an implacable barbarian queen (Jessica Lange). With its time-bending mix of elements from Ancient Rome, Fascist Italy, Fifties America, and Punk Britain, this radical reimagining of a theatrical classic offers a dark vision of violence, murder, rape, and revenge. Enjoy the extensive Julie Kirgo liner notes and film art packaged with the Blu-ray disc.”

Additionally, special features include: Isolated Score Track / Audio Commentary with Director Julie Taymor / Audio Commentary with Composer Elliot Goldenthal / Audio Commentary with Actors Anthony Hopkins and Harry Lennix / Making-of Documentary / Q & A with Julie Taymor / Penny Arcade Nightmares / Trailers and TV Spots.

Of note, only 3000 copies of this special limited edition of TITUS will be made available at this time.


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I have added production stills and hd screencaptures of Jessica from her 1982 movie “Tootsie” to the gallery.

Film Productions > 1982: Tootsie > Production Stills
Film Productions > 1982: Tootsie > HD Movie Captures

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American Horror Story: Coven is beginning to wrap up its phenomenal season (tonight’s episode is a doozy) but co-creator Ryan Murphy has already begun plotting and planning his fourth installment of the FX franchise…as well as peppering the final episodes with tiny hints as to next year’s plot. “It’s set in 1950,” Murphy reveals exclusively to EW. “If you look historically what happened in the year 1950, there’s some more clues in that year. It’s a period piece. We try and do the opposite of what we’ve done before. Jessica Lange has already started practicing her German accent so I’m very excited!”

Hmmm. 1950. German accent. Start guessing, AHS fans!!!


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Thanks to Bri I have added a few hd captures from the Golden Globes to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Screen Captures > January 12: 71st Annual Golden Globes

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I have added high quality images of Jessica at the Golden Globe awards last night to our gallery. A special thanks to Jennifer and Luciana for some of the images! I will add more later on this week.

Gallery Link:
Appearances and Events > 2014 > 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards

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Gallery Link:
Television Productions > 2011-2013: American Horror Story > Season 3 > Episode Captures

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I’ve added images of Jessica from four of her projects! Cape Fear, Broken Flowers, Hush and Blue Sky. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
• Film Productions > 1998: Hush
• Film Productions > 2005: Broken Flowers > HD Captures
• Film Productions > 1994: Blue Sky > Screen Captures
• Film Productions > 1991: Cape Fear > HD Captures

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