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As “American Horror Story” season 4 “Freak Show” looms closer, spoilers on the cast have surfaced.
Recently, “American Horror Story” cast member Angela Bassett talked about her mysterious role on Vulture.

“I’m not the bearded lady,” said Bassett. “You know it’s ‘freak show,’ so your mind begins to work. I had an opportunity to see [Ryan Murphy] — and I knew it was going to be fabulous and the writers are amazing, but you know a woman’s curiosity. I said, ‘Ryan, am I the bearded lady?'”

Reportedly, Bassett will play someone “even more special.”

Any theories?

Meanwhile, spoilers confirm that Evan Peters is just as in the dark as his fellow cast members, although he might know a few details he’s unwilling to share at the moment.

“I can’t tell you a lot of things,” said Peters during a SpeakEasy interview. “But I really don’t know much. I don’t know who I’m playing, I don’t know if Kathy Bates is my real Mom.”

Spoilers confirm that Evan Peters will play Michael Chiklis’ son, who used to be married to Kathy Bates’ character on “American Horror Story” season 4 “Freak Show.”

Recently, Evan Peters’ fiancée and fellow “American Horror Story” cast member Emma Roberts appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, where the actress promoted her new film “Palo Alto.”

It is believed that Emma Roberts will return for season 4 of “American Horror Story,” as well as Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, Gabourey Sidibe, Denis O’Hare, and Jamie Brewer.


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I have added images of Jessica attending the Met Gala last night to our gallery. Thanks to Kaci and Claudia for some of the images!

Gallery link:
Appearances and Events > 2014 > “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” Costume Institute Gala

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I have added images of Jessica from last month where she had a photo exhibition in Moscow. All images are high quality

Gallery link:
Appearances and Events > 2014 > Photo Exhibition in Moscow

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Oh man, “American Horror Story” season 4. You’re going to be so good. I actually typed out that it’s going to be such a freak show, but that’s so far from being clever that I deleted it. Nonetheless, season 4, alias “Freak Show,” is following up on one of the best seasons of non-HBO television in a good long while – we really, really liked “Coven” – and we have every reason to expect more great stuff next time around.

First up, the most important part of “Freak Show” is the actual release date. The “American Horror Story” season 4 premiere isn’t officially revealed yet, but numerous sources, including our sister publication the International Business Times, are reporting that it will début in early October. That’s perfectly in line with when the last season premiered – “Coven” came out on October 9, 2013. We expect just the same this time around, with things really heating up around the third episode, just in time for Halloween.

As for the actual concept of “American Horror Story” season 4, you’re probably just as familiar as I am. “Freak Show” is about an actual, literal freak show – an old circus act, one of the last of its kind. Set in the 1950s in Jupiter, Florida, which is a pretty ridiculous name but a real place (it rounds up, unfortunately, to ‘Miami’), the show is about how the freak show’s members try to keep it alive, even though its time, its milieu, is well on its way out.

It’s also going to have some weird German stuff going on, which we know from Jessica Lange, who told us so. She runs the freak show and is a “German expatriate,” whatever that means. What that means, considering what “American Horror Story” is like, is that she’s probably a Nazi, but that’s just speculation, really. We’ll find out in good time. The big new costar is Michael Chiklis, but some of last season’s big names are back again: Kathy Bates. Angela Bassett. Gabby Sidibe. It’s going to be a good time.

The worst thing about “Freak Show” is that it’s the end of an era: it’s not only Jessica Lange’s last season of “American Horror Story,” it’s probably going to be one of her last big performances ever, as she prepares to enter retirement. And there’s going to be less of her than in past seasons as it is. Still, she’ll be there, playing opposite to Denis O’Hare, who will be a rival rather than a lackey this time around. If you want more details on the characters, there’s a good run-down here.


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I have added event photos of Jessica from 1977 to 1990 to the gallery. I will be adding them in chunks, so stay tuned in a few days for another update of them!

Gallery Link:
Home > Appearances and Events

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Today Miss Lange turns 65 and Jessica Lange Web would like to wish her a safe and wonderful birthday!

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I have added four shoots of Jessica to our gallery. Thanks to Annie for these!

Gallery Link:
Home > Photoshoots and Portraits (Shoots 10 to 13)

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Three seasons of the scary, surreal “American Horror Story” have sometimes felt like a three-ring circus. And based on one writer/producer’s tease, the theme of the upcoming fourth season might skew closer to that kind of craziness than ever before.

During a recently posted “Nerdist Writers Panel” podcast, “Arrow” writer/producer Moira Kirland said she had heard the new season’s theme would be “carnival.” Douglas Petrie, who is a writer and co-executive producer on “AHS,” acknowledged she was right, and added, “It doesn’t have a title, but … that’s the idea. Very roughly, that’s the idea.”

Thus far, each season of “AHS” has taken viewers through different settings: a haunted house, a mental institution and a witch’s coven. Introducing creepy carnival rides and terrifying clowns would, in many ways, be a logical next step.

Co-creator Ryan Murphy already has confirmed that the new season will be a period piece. “It’s set in 1950,” Murphy told Entertainment Weekly in January. “If you look historically what happened in the year 1950, there’s some more clues in that year. It’s a period piece. We try and do the opposite of what we’ve done before. Jessica Lange has already started practicing her German accent, so I’m very excited!”

Season four is set to be Lange’s last one with the series, and there have been no other casting announcements yet. But the show creators and some of the players from previous seasons are set to attend a PaleyFest panel on March 28, and could expand on details then.

“American Horror Story” is set to return to FX in October.


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Thanks to Bri, I have added captures of Jessica from her February appearance on the Ellen Show.

Gallery Link:
Screen Captures > February 21, 2014: Ellen

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Marc Jacobs has a powerful ability to capture the spirit of our times with a measured dose of both intelligence and perversion. Last night in Paris, he revealed that 64-year old actress Jessica Lange – who’s having a comeback with her bewitching roles in the series American Horror Story – as the face of his first beauty campaign shot by David Sims. With a haunting voice that Jacobs describes as “almost narcotic”, Lange is captured reciting the lyrics to Judy Garland’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – a chilling take on the dark fantasy world of The Wizard of Oz. It’s only fitting that fashion’s greatest provocateur would cast Lange – who played a damsel in distress in John Guillermin’s infamous 1976 remake of King Kong – in a defiant and unprecedented subversion of the youth-obsessed world of beauty. Here, Marc Jacobs talks Dazed through his Jessica Lange obsession.

Dazed Digital: Why Jessica Lange?

Marc Jacobs: I love Jessica, I mean I think we all love Jessica. This was really about her and I feel like the film was a sort of gestural moment, where people would look and see what they wanted to see and hear what they wanted to hear. I asked her to recite ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, which has a lot of meaning for me and is something I’ve really gone back to. I mean, her voice I find almost narcotic, and there’s something so… It’s a bit like with me – there’s this hope and this wish and desire, but there’s always this sort of edge of melancholy or darkness. She’s just a strong woman who, again, I find so beautifully inspiring. What we really wanted from her was for her to be herself.

DD: Why does ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ have such a personal resonance for you?

Marc Jacobs: For many reasons. I mean I feel like I’ve really gone through fashion. In a sense, Oz is what fashion is to me. You know, there’s this sort of black-and-white life, and then there is this other world when you walk into fashion that turns to colour. But within all this glamour and superficiality we sometimes lose our insides. I don’t want to get too heavy, but it’s our spiritual side. Although the idea of surface can be so delightful about fashion, it’s important to return to something very meaningful. You need to embrace all of that surface and then come back to the comfort of home, you know?


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