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For those “American Horror Story” fans dismayed that Season 5 won’t include Jessica Lange — take heart. She may be checking into the “Hotel” after all.

Lange tells The Wrap that if the circumstances were right, she’d love to return for a small arc. “If [creator Ryan Murphy] came to me and said, ‘Would you want to do a small character for a couple episodes?’ I would absolutely say yes if I liked it. This was a great collaboration, so I would love to keep working with him.”

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Of course, that also means maybe Lange will be back in future seasons past “Hotel’s” run in late 2015. Just because she doesn’t pop up in Season 5 doesn’t mean she couldn’t return down the line, since the show starts over with a new story each year.

It doesn’t sound as though she’d be on board to anchor a season again, like she did with “Asylum,” “Coven” and “Freak Show,” but hey — viewers will take some more Lange any way they can get her.

“American Horror Story: Hotel” premieres October 2015.

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I have added images of Jessica from the The Paley Center For Media’s 32nd Annual PALEYFEST LA – “American Horror Story: Freak Show” that was yesterday. Thanks to Luciana for some of the images!

Gallery Link:
Appearances and Events > 2015 > The Paley Center For Media’s 32nd Annual PALEYFEST LA – “American Horror Story: Freak Show”

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Television Productions > 2011-2013: American Horror Story > Season 4 > Episode Screencaptures > 4.06 Bullseye

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I have added screencaptures and stills from season 4 of American Horror Story to the gallery.

Gallery Links:
Television Productions > 2011-2013: American Horror Story > Season 4 > Episode Screencaptures
Television Productions > 2011-2013: American Horror Story > Season 4 > Episode Stills

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According to a tweet from creator Ryan Murphy, Asylum’s Lana Winters isn’t the only American Horror Story character to (unintentionally) channel our favorite Brooklyn Baby. Responding to a fan who is understandably terrified of what sort of nightmares Twisty the Clown is going to give her, Murphy tried to sweeten the deal, writing, “Tina, don’t be afraid! The clown is scary, true. But don’t you wanna see Jessica Lange sing a Lana Del Rey song?”


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Despite changing plots and wild twists, one of the constants of the four seasons of American Horror Story has been star Jessica Lange, who has now won two Emmys for AHS. The actress is back for this year’s Freak Show (premiering Oct. 8 at 10 p.m. on FX) to play the maestro behind the titular group of performers, an ex-German cabaret star named Elsa Mars. Lange, who has said that this will be her last AHS installment, talked to EW about about bringing the concept to co-creator Ryan Murphy, musical numbers, and what else is in store for this year’s epic Show.

EW: So Ryan said you brought this to him, right?
JESSICA LANGE: Yeah this had been in my mind for a long time. I have forever been fascinated and I photograph it a lot myself—small-time kind of carnival, sideshow, things like that. I mean I started kind of looking into freak shows. It is an amazing history and I’ve always been fascinated by a community of people living like gypsies, on the road and traveling from place to place and, in this case, heightened to the degree that they’re all extremely special.
So it was something I suggested to him a year or so ago. I had originally imagined it like a traveling freak show, maybe Dustbowl, with that kind of desperation. Ryan has set it in another time, which I think is clever, actually.
With the time setting and the return of Pepper (Naomi Grossman), it’s almost like a prequel a bit to Asylum.
Well, with that character, yes. For all the outrage at exhibiting freaks at the time, the fact is they had community. They had family. Some of them made quite a bit of money. They were extremely popular in Victorian times. Yes, they were being exhibited, but when you look at the other side of that, they were cared for. The most important thing—and I think this is what people don’t understand—is the idea of community.

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